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Fair Trade Soccer Balls in Canada — Support for Peacebuildng in Uganda

A few months back, we received a note from James Milligan of Social Conscience, who wanted to know how we could work together to support more soccer-based peacebuilding activities in northern Uganda.  Since then, his network has raised almost $2,000 to buy soccer balls, and other soccer equipment, for our project with the Youth Coalition for Peace, in Gulu and Amuru.

James had this to say about working with us:

“Our aim in working with OA Projects is to support their framework whereby youth who have been negatively impacted by conflict are helped to reintegrate into society using soccer as a platform to connect. Social Conscience is excited about this first partnership with OA Projects and working with them more in the future.”

A Fair Trade Soccer Ball from Social Conscience

A Fair Trade Soccer Ball from Social Conscience

We are proud to work with James and Social Conscience and would like to give a huge thanks to all of those who donated through their campaign. Stay tuned, here, for updates with the balls in action.

Info on Social Conscience:

Social Conscience is a social entrepreneurial business that is using the Fair Trade concept applied to sports balls to connect with impoverished workers and people, ideally youth, in developing nations and here at home. Through the making of Fair Trade soccer balls, Social Conscience is helping workers earn more money to support their families and thereby send their kids to school instead of the factories, while encouraging awareness locally in Canada.