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North Vancouver FC launching Play Soccer So They Can

We are very excited about the upcoming weekend as it is the first time that a large youth soccer club is making all of their league games, during the weekend of the 25/26 of September, as a platform to build support for war-affected youth in northern Uganda.  As a part of Play Soccer So They Can, North Vancouver FC is asking that all of their 3200 players donate $2 or (4,000 Uganda Shillings) to our soccer-based peacebuilding program in northern Uganda. This is the exact type of partnership that we envision allowing Play Soccer So They Can to grow to a much larger level across Canada and the US.  Since its launch in 2009, Play Soccer So They Can has raised over $10,000 from games across North America. From Florida, to Hollywood in the US and from Victoria to Kingston in Canada.

Bobby Lenarduzzi of the Vancouver Whitecaps has given the partnership his endorsement, check out what he thinks here.

The North Shore Outlook has also given this weekend’s events a little boost (click here for the online piece).  And, two OA Projects team members will be present in North Vancouver on Saturday to take it all in and accept the donations on behalf of the program in northern Uganda.

We will be sure to post a complete report on the outcome from the weekend and the impact that it will have in northern Uganda.

And, we want to wish all of the players and coaches of North Van FC good fundraising in these last few days!